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A Rehabilitation Specialist’s Journey with Lyrebird Health

Published on
March 7, 2024

Dr. Ulla Gerich-McGregor stands as a Fellow of the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. Holding a wealth of experience and expertise, her professional career includes pivotal roles as a Consultant at the Persistent Pain Service Metro South, Brisbane and as the Clinical Director of Rehabilitation Services in the Richmond Health District, NSW.


Dr. Gerich-McGregor was really impressed with the dictation feature of Lyrebird Health. 

“I think the dictation part of Lyrebird has the highest accuracy I have seen in any of them, even picking up medications, understanding and spelling them correctly. I’m really surprised”


Initially uncertain about its effectiveness, Dr. Gerich-McGregor has had no issues with Lyrebird Health for online consultations. 

“I had the telehealth with Lyrebird just running in the background, and it picked it up perfectly, so there’s no problem at all with Lyrebird and telehealth.”


Initially concerned about patient responses to using Lyrebird in consultations, Dr. Gerich-McGregor, following Lyrebird's provision of a QR code for privacy information, discovered that all her patients were not only willing but happy to be recorded, a practice in line with NSW law. Lyrebird Health consistently prompts her to request consent at the start of each consultation.

“I ask the patient for consent every time, and the patients are actually really interested, asking questions like "Oh, how does that work?", "What do you do with it?", "That’s amazing" & "Is it listening now?". I have not had one person being worried about privacy or security” 

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